Meet our family of horses, dogs, and cats...

Dusty and Sasha are primarily house dogs, but occasionally they visit the barn. Sasha's Bassett Hound nose get the best of her every once in a while...and she tracks a bunny out into the field.

Fletcher and Xiong (she-ong), came home with us when we picked up Julie. They were adorable kittens and we didn't have any barn cats. When we brought them home, we thought Fletcher was a he and Xiong was a she. Oops! As it turned out, Xiong is a he and Fletcher is a she. Fletcher is typically the first to greet anyone in the barn and Xiong is usually close behind.

Cleo came to us when one of Rebecca's friends found a stray kitten in a dumpster. Cleo is short for Cleopatra because of the black rimmed eyes. Cleo is another case of mistaken identity. When we took her in to be spayed, we found out Cleo was a he, so he was neutered. Cleo is the shyest of the cats and typically stays his distance from strange people.

Junior and Tim are Fletcher's kittens. They are almost a year old and are quite noisy when it's feeding time. Both are as friendly as their Mom and there were no issues with mistaken identities with these guys!

Yin & Yang were the first horses to arrive. They came to us as young foals who had never been handled. They now love to be scratched, petted, and loved on.

Gradells Act One (Julie) is a Morgan we adopted through Forever Morgans Rescue. She is an absolute doll - she loves people and other animals. Julie is said to be broke to drive but we have not driven her. She does ride and we have done some light showing in Western Dressage- she loves to work! She is very good with inexperienced riders as she is super patient and really takes care of them.

Confetti's Tickertape (Confetti) is also a Morgan we adopted from Forever Morgans Rescue. Confetti definitely has more spunk than Julie but she also loves to work and absolutely loves people. Confetti has been my main Western Dressage horse, qualifying for 2016 & 2017 Morgan Grand Nationals. We chose to attend the 2017 Western Dressage Association of America World Championship in Guthrie, OK instead.

Storm is a Tennessee Walker and is definitely the clown of the farm. Storm is as curious as a cat and as steady as they come. Storm is a trooper on the trails and just does his thing. He loves to be around people and other animals. Storm and Yang can often be seen playing with each other in the field - what a site that is!

He knows when you’re happy
He knows when you’re comfortable
He knows when you’re confident
And he always knows when you have carrots.
— Author Unknown