Twin Creek Stables is nestled between two creeks. Just far enough from city life to forget your troubles, yet close enough for an easy commute. We are located right around the corner from Southeast Guildford High School, just minutes from Greensboro, Asheboro, & Burlington.

Our 20 acres is fully fenced with either 3 board wood fence or 5 strands of poly-coated wire. We host three pastures, the "front pasture", the "middle pasture" (sacrifice area), and the "back pasture". During the summer, the horses are rotated between the front pasture and middle pasture while we harvest hay from the back pasture. During the winter the horses are moved to the back pasture.

The open air, quaint barn holds 8 stalls and a secure tack room. Each stall is fully lined with mats and topped with pine bedding. In addition, each stall has a mineral block, hay manger, and off the ground, corner feed bucket.

The 60' round pen and 80'x120' arena are enclosed with three board fence and the sand footing is maintained on a regular basis. The arena typically has a full size dressage court set up with easily movable cones and poles. Cavelleti and jumps are available for use as well.

The back pasture has access to the smallest of the two creeks, along with shelter. During the summer, the perimeter is mowed so we can ride in it. The middle pasture has access to two shelters along with 3 hay feeders. To keep parasites under control, the pastures are drug and mowed on a regular basis. Fresh water is provided on a daily basis and a heated water tank is installed during the winter.


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